Pokémon Knitting and Crochet Patterns

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I have a couple friends who are obsessed with Pokémon and while I’ve never played the game, I sometimes call my daughter Chloe “Pikachu” because she laughs when I say it. Pokemon and crafting seem to go hand in hand so I’ve rounded up here some fun Pokemon knitting and crochet patterns.

First up is this adorable Pikachu knitting chart by Barbara Breiter so you can recreate it for a sweater you are knitting.
Pokemon Knit Hat
Pokeball Hat pattern by Sasha Stavsky [via Everything Pokemon]
This pattern is a free download off Ravelry.com so you’ll need to sign up for the site if you don’t already have a login.
Pokemon Amigurumi
Amigurumi Pikachu and Torchic by Bizzy Crochet. [via Ami List]
HootHoot Plushie by WolfDreamer
You can also download more Pokemon character charts from knitting-and.com.

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