The forthcoming issue of MAKE, Volume 24, is the DIY Space issue. It should be making its way to subscribers this week and will be on newsstands by Oct 26. It has all sorts of cool projects and articles related to do-it-yourself and do-it-with-others space exploration, from launching space balloons to building amateur satellites to bouncing signals off the moon and “hacking NASA.”

To coincide with this issue, we’ll be covering DIY space here on Make: Online. Look for excerpts from the magazine, additional material we couldn’t fit into the magazine, as well as original articles on high-power rocketry, space radio, DIY space-related resources, and more. We’ll have plenty of spacey content to keep you occupied while your PC’s busy sifting through radio data in search of ET.

If you’re involved in rocketry, space, amateur satellite (AMSAT), or related activities, and want to share your work here on MAKE, drop me a line.