Make: Projects – Magnetic HVAC return grille mount
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The return grille mounting in my new house was very sloppy, with a mixture of Molly bolts, toggle bolts, and bare screws in drywall. The sloppy workmanship annoyed me, and made swapping the filter way more work than it needed to be, so I came up with this easy no-tools fix. It could easily be adapted to most steel maintenance panels.


2 thoughts on “Make: Projects – Magnetic HVAC return grille mount

  1. Sean, this rocks. I have the same problem at my mom’s house as the grill is on the ceiling and because the mounting screws are messed the thing just hangs down. If I was any taller I’d hit my head on it when I walked in the hall.
    This is a great fix and I’m looking forward to trying it!

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