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Our friends at Lion Brand Yarn Studio point us to this handy online amigurumi pattern generator. You can adjust the size, shape and placement of the parts of the figure and once you are satisfied, a simple click generates the pattern for the amigurumi. It looks like it could be a good place to get started with creating your own amigurumi or work out designs that have you stuck.

7 thoughts on “Online Amigurumi Pattern Generator

      1. Not always. I know that but many people still label ami or crochet generators as “knit”. Ami is how I taught myself to crochet and I would like to find and really extensive generator to help me learn how to write patterns. A woman I know knits her ami. Not crochet but still calls it ami because it’s the most commonly refered name

      2. I don’t know if you have looked lately, but this generates a knitting pattern not crochet. While “amigurumi” correctly refers to single crocheted plush figures, it is not always used correctly. I second Crystal’s question: is there something like this for crochet?

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