This could appear on one of those “What is this gadget?” posts. (It’s an RCS — Reentry Control System thruster from the Gemini era.)

MZ_DIYSpace-Badge.gifRachel Hobson, our resident space enthusiast (OK, our most enthusiastic space enthusiast — there are a number of us), turned us on to this site, collectSPACE, an online watering hole for space historians, educators, museum curators, collectors. Oh, and us plain vanilla space enthusiasts.

The site offers space-related historical and current news items, a database of artifacts and space memorabilia, a marketplace, a calendar and gallery of astronaut appearances, and more. If you’re into space history, culture, and collecting… well, you probably already know about this site. Xeni of Boing Boing has called collectSPACE’s Robert Pearlman “quite possibly the world’s most elite space craphound.”