Tangerinepiggy made this delicious-sounding Arnold Palmer sorbet: lemonade and iced tea in a frozen dessert, what’s not to love? Serving it in a jam jar adds a nice touch.

Years ago I was given an ice cream maker. I am sad to say it does not find it’s way out of my cupboard as often as it should. All that is going to change now. After spending an afternoon poking around the internet looking for desserts I stumbled upon two desserts that have given rise to this new sorbet concoction. The first was a recipe for green tea sorbet and the second was for Arnold Palmer cupcakes. These two recipes being similar only in that they both contained tea and sugar got me two things. First the tastiness that is an Arnold Palmer is to great to be restricted into just a drink and the second thought was if you could make green tea sorbet you could make Black tea sorbet. From these thoughts this tasty dessert and Instructable was born.

[via the CRAFT Flickr pool]