My iPad deserves better than the ugly beige plastic cookbook holder I’ve been using to prop it up. Instead of splurging on an expensive pre-made one, I decided to build a one-of-a-kind brushed aluminum stand. A trip to my local hardware store yielded the channel aluminum, flat bar, and hardware fittings I’d need. Cutting, drilling, and finishing with my Dremel made this beauty come together in a single afternoon. The iPad is very secure in this stand, thanks to the angles involved, and a bit of gravity.


Dremel Rotary Tool with metal cutting wheel, grinding wheel, and wire brush wheel
Dremel WorkStation 220-01 (or clamps and hand drill)
1/4″ drill bit
41/64″x1/2″x1/16″ aluminum channel (you’ll need a 10 1/2″ length)
1/8″x1/2″ aluminum flat bar (you’ll need two 7″ lengths)
Two 1/4″x1 1/2″ bolts with finish washers and hex nuts
Metal file
Permanent marker
Bench vise
Safety goggles

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