Arduino Music

Polish maker Jakub Koźniewski wrote in to share a project he and Piotr Barszczewski designed for the Culture 2.0 conference.

Given the main topic of Culture 2.0 event – “culture resources/recycled culture” we’ve chosen old Polish hit by Piotr Szczepanik “GoniÄ…c Kormorany” ( Chasing Cormorans ) and engraved it on a custom vinyl plate. Then we’ve hacked an old gramophone, replacing the engine with the one controlled via Arduino. In the next step we’ve wrote special tracking software in openframeworks which allowed us to track persons moving around the gramophone and transpose their movements to speed/direction of the rotating vinyl plate, so the one could “remix” the recording by just running around.

The video also shows two other interactive projects featured at the conference.

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