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Manifold clock


The hands of the Manifold Clock are connected with a colorful piece of tyvek that fans out and curves as the minutes and hour tick by. Simple, elegant, entrancing, and awesome. [via Core77]

3 thoughts on “Manifold clock

  1. Wouldn’t there be a point, where the two arms would cross, causing the little manifold to fold around the hour hand? As in, if the minute hand was in front of the hour hand, then as soon as the minute hand got to the hour hand, after going all the way around, you would see that the minute hand is wrapped up in the manifold, which, if the clock kept going, would stretch the manifold until it broke or messed up the clock. Interesting design, though. I guess when the minute hand hit the hour hand, they could “switch” so that the manifold would no longer be all the way around the circle, and you wouldn’t have that problem.

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