Tektonten writes:

“Bit” is a character from the 1982 Disney movie, Tron. Considered by some to be the first CGI character in a movie, Bit communicates by speaking only “yes” or “no.” The orange shape above is the form Bit takes when answering “yes”. The spiky red shape is the form when answering “no” and the blue shape is Bit’s “neutral” form when not speaking.

Even though this is the fifth papercraft design I have released, it was actually one of my first designs. Development of the design took a little longer partially because it is actually three models, but also because it took some time to create simplified templates for the complex geometry. For those out there who care about such things, the “yes” Bit is a octahedron, the “neutral” Bit is a compound of a icosahedron and a dodecahedron, and the “no” Bit is a second stellation of a icosahedron.

Print-and-fold Tron “Bit” papercraft models [via Make: Online]