The lovely ladies from The Way We See The World are trying to get a new product off the ground: Jelloware:

What is Jelloware?

Jelloware are biodegradable, edible (and vegan!) cups that are flavored to compliment the drink inside. You can eat your cup as you sip your drink, and any leftover remnants can be composted.

Why do we need your help?
The concept of Jelloware began when we entered the GSS Jell-O mold competition, but it turned into something bigger than any of us could have ever imagined! People all over the world want to use Jelloware at parties and events in place of disposable cups. There is still work to be done: prototyping and user testing are crucial before we can arrive at the perfect biodegradable cup. We believe Jelloware can have a significant positive impact, and this impact begins with you.

Our Goal:
We want to see Jelloware in contexts where disposable cups would normally be used, while introducing a new sensorial experience when drinking. Imagine a world where you can eat your cup instead of throwing it away!


Jell-O Mold Winners