Snow is on the minds (and driveways) for us in the northeast, so Johngineer couldn’t help but to cylon-up a lawn tractor snow plow. He writes:

Back in September I attended the Open Hardware Summit — Everybody who attended got a swag-bag of goodies. Included among these was a Larson Scanner by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. So, for the past 3 months, I’ve been trying to decide what to attach it to. I thought about using it in a pumpkin, but that’s been done way better than I could ever do it. So I finally decided to stick it on my dad’s lawn tractor — in this case, just in time for a huge 20-inch snowfall.

For now, it’s just stuck in there with gaffer’s tape. I need to wire it up and fasten it permanently to the grille. Shouldn’t be too hard, though. Maybe when it’s warmer.

In the Maker Shed:



Larson Scanner Kit