current_Volume_bug.jpgEven though the theme of the newest issue of MAKE, Volume 25, is Microcontrollers and Arduino, rest assured that it features a wide variety of projects, something for everyone. Case in point is the Giant Spin Art project by brothers Bob and Pete Goldstein. This simple wooden rig holds a canvas powered by a corded drill; think of it as the supersized version of the classic. The project is fun and easy, provides hours of amusement for kids young and old, and produces fancy results like shown below. Plus, to get you started collaborating right away, we’ve shared the whole project with you in our DIY library, Make: Projects. Be sure to pick up the issue, on newsstands now, for enough projects to keep you busy until Volume 26.


Check out MAKE Volume 25:
MAKE Volume 25: Arduino Revolution
Give your gadgets a brain! Previously out of reach for the do-it-yourselfer, the tiny computers called microcontrollers are now so cheap and easy to use that anyone can make their stuff smart. With a microcontroller, your gadget can sense the environment, talk to the internet or other hardware, and make things happen in the real world by controlling motors, lights, or any electronic device.