Join us this evening for the premiere of Make: Live! We’ve been Windexing the gumball machine and flossing our teeth in preparation for the show. Matt and I wanted to remind you of a few housekeeping notes:

  • Head to to watch or check out our UStream page.
  • We’ll start the broadcast with a title slide and some music a few minutes before the show, so you’ll be able to check that you’re getting visuals and sound.
  • To join the chat, you must have a UStream account (free of course) and be signed in. We recommend you do this well before the show.
  • Twitter is ok for questions too, just use tag #makelive.
  • If you can’t watch live, we’ll be archiving the show to YouTube (in bite-sized segments) and our iTunes Podcast (episodes in their entirety). We hope to have this week’s show up by Friday.
  • After the show, please send us your feedback! We set up [email protected] for your suggestions, comments, and for sending us projects you want to show off on the Make: Live, of course!

Here are the details for the show tonight:

Make: Live 01 – The Arduino Episode
Wednesday January 26th, 9pm ET/6pmPT
Watch at or on UStream


Steve Hoefer – The Secret Knock Gumball Machine dispenses candies when you know the secret rhythm.

Collin Cunningham – The MidiVox shield turns an Arduino board into a programmable MIDI synthesizer.