If you have computers in or near your woodshop, don’t underestimate the need for a dust extraction system. In fact, even if you don’t, you still need one. This how-to, by Instructables member bongodrummer, shows you how to make your own.

In this project we turn a bunch of old free stuff, including two old household vacuums into what is arguably the most useful and necessary of workshop tools: the dust extractor. But why stop there? Lets make a really fantastically effective dust extractor, one that is whisper quiet, never stops sucking or plagues you with blocked filters, one that is versatile enough to take dust from a variety of power tools, one that turns on and off on its own so you never forget, and most important of all, one that does a good job of extracting the small – most deadly – particulates from the air you breath… Step forth, ‘The Dust Sniper’.

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