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DIY under-cabinet LED lighting

DIY Under Cabinet LED Lighting

Instructable user Esterill shows how to make your own swanky under-cabinet LED lighting scheme on a budget and the results are quite professional looking. For extra measure, Esterill used a microcontroller to fade the LEDs up when they’re turned on and added a “half bright” mode for times when dimmer light is desired. Nice touch!

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  1. If you find the led color irritating like i do, a trip to a local theater supply store or website (in Boston there is Backstage Hardware) will get you color gel, a translucent, colored plastic used for lights in theater and movies. its durable, and won’t catch fire under most circumstances.

    The gel you would want to use is CTO, an orange that turns that blue led more into a lightbulb color. There are different fractions, example 1/2 CTO is half the strength, down to an 1/8th. You can read more about this here:

    Many other colors are also available, including a frost like white which makes an even, soft cast.

    1. The other possibility is to acquire warm-white LEDs. They are definitely out there, and while a little less efficient, I doubt it is any better or worse than the paint you suggest.
      The LEDs he’s proposing using aren’t particularly efficient, so using a warm white CFL would be just as efficient. Alternatively there are warm white high power LEDs (by CREE and others) which could be used, only 3 or so would be needed to create the same effect.

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