Google doodle for Edison's birthday, 2011.

Anybody else heard of this Google thing? I thought it was just a really big number, but apparently it’s also the name of some kind of search website, or something. Anyway, looks like they occasionally riff on their own logo to mark certain events, and today they’ve got a cool one for Thomas Edison’s birthday. Michael Cavna has written a little puff piece at The Washington Post, and I thought this line was worth repeating:

[N]ote to Google: What we really want to see on July 10 is a doodled birthday tribute to the mad and mighty Nikola Tesla, whose electrical developments arguably hold even greater common currency today.

I concur: Yay for Edison’s inventive spirit, work ethic, and triumph over disability! Boo for his thunder-stealing, cruelty to animals, and Homer-Simpson-esque shameless self-promotion! And yay Tesla, for his undisputed genius, humility, and kindness to pigeons! And yay Google, whatever the hell it is! [Thanks, Lish!]