Yesterday, we introduced the Syntheos grblShield, an Arduino Shield, created by MAKE contributors Riley Porter and Alden Hart, that allows you to control three stepper motors and run grbl, the motion-control language, for CNC operation. To show the grblShield in action (two motors of it anyway), Riley decided to try his hand at our Drawbot project. Here’s a video of what he was able to bodge together in short order. It’s funky around the edges, but good proof of concept of some of the quick fun you’ll be able to have with the grblShield. Love the little bracket he laser-cut to hold the binder clip and the control lines.

Don’t forget: Our Drawbot prize drawing ends at midnight PST tonight! To be eligible, all you have to do is upload your Drawbot images (just getting started, in-progress, or finished) to the MAKE Flickr pool to be eligible for hundreds of dollars in prizes. See the Make It Last Build Series landing page for details.