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Kinect + Fancy Spherical Display = Giant Movement-Tracking Eyeball

From UK web design firm The Technology Studio. The spherical display is a (reportedly very expensive) commercial device called a PufferSphere. That it’s the Eye of Sauron is a nice touch. There’s also a video with a more, ah, “normal” looking giant eyeball here. [via Hack a Day]

6 thoughts on “Kinect + Fancy Spherical Display = Giant Movement-Tracking Eyeball

  1. Eyeball reminds me of an old DEC-10 hack… In middle of the night, the system console display (CRT) would display an eyeball that looked around the room and then disappeared. Great fun to watch the noob sysadmin on duty.

  2. This is actually the real Eye of Sauron! lol Thanks for sharing this one. I think this is a really creepy invention. Imagine you and this ball in a dark room.You are not moving but the eye appeared and looked at you. Isn’t that a little scary. lol

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