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Homebrew Liquid Resin 3D Printer Gets Resolution Boost

We’ve previously posted about Junior Veloso’s liquid resin 3D printer, which uses a DLP projector beneath a bath of resin to cure an object into its appropriate shape. Junior is reporting a huge gain in resolution from multiple improvements in the design. From our friends at Hack A Day:

He’s keeping most of the juicy bits to himself but he did tell us that the improvement he achieved were due to multiple changes in the process. He tweaked the software to use a more precise curing time, the resin formula has been improved, the ability to isolate pixels without hardening resin around them has been stepped up, and he’s made changes to the way the printer is calibrated and how it lifts the hardened model.

But seeing is believing. The bust on the left was printed with Junior’s old design. The bust on the right is the result from his new printer:

3D Printed Busts

And here’s a comparison of a whistle printed with an FDM 3D printer kit (left) and a whistle created with Junior’s own printer (right):
3D Whistle Comparison, FDM vs. Resin

Junior plans to improve and document the project so that anyone can build one and may even provide kits in the future. Keep an eye out for a Kickstarter project to help fund the final stage of development.


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