OK, so, I’m still just a bit fuzzy on how Oklahama City resident Mike Koehler’s delightfully hare-brained scheme is “for America,” but I’m prepared to get behind pretty much any initiative to build a “fully functional, full-scale” model of the original Imperial Walker. The initiative could be called “AT-AT for Azerbaijan,” and the only really important question, to me, would remain: “We’re going to build a life-size working AT-AT, right?” Also: “Does fully functional include the head-mounted laser blasters?” From Mike’s manifesto:


We were once a country that made things: giantmetal cars, Hoover Dams, non-AutoTuned popular music.

But now we are stuck in an economy in limbo, surrounded by our Internets, our hipsters and our arguing politicians.

Nerds, I have a great idea to make America great again. We can show our brain power, our manufacturing prowess, our organizational skills and our geek-fueled eye for detail.

That idea: an AT-AT for America.

Now I have an idea, but no money and a total lack of mechanical aptitude.

That’s why I am hoping this project spreads like wildfire, inspiring the nerds, makers, geeks, motorheads, sportos, dudes, steampunks, Jedis, halfwits, greasers and geniuses to band together for one goal.

Excelsior to you, Mike Koehler. Excelsior and Godspeed. [Thanks, Rachel!]