From garage conversions to hot commercial products, electrified tall bikes to “stealth” electrification, we have covered a lot of electric bike stuff over the years. These are the ten posts that have generated the most traffic since we started collecting data back in 2008. If you’re thinking of undertaking your own homebrew bike electrification this list should be a pretty good place to start reading. Enjoy!


Homemade Electric Scooter


Neodymics Cyclemotor Electric Bike Conversion Kit


Electric Bike Project


Electric Bicycle – Battery Upgrade


YikeBike – The World’s First Super Light Electric Folding Bike…


Electric Tall Bike


Sekret Stealth Electric Bicycle


30MPH Electric Mountain Bike


Eric Peltzer’s Electric Bicycle


DIY Electric Bicycle

Did I miss a good one? Let me know, below!