Pinhegg: An Egg Pinhole Camera

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Pinhegg: An Egg Pinhole Camera

Pinhegg - Pinhole Camera Egg
Since yesterday was both Easter and Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, it inspired Francesco Capponi to attempt a project he’d been thinking about for years, converting an egg into a single-use camera obscura:

The purpose was to sacrifice the camera in the process of photo creation – I wanted the camera to become the photograph. To let you understand, the process from the camera to the photograph is the same that ties the baby bird to the egg: the bird grows protected from the shell and when it’s ready breaks it and comes out. This is why I decided to create the Pinhegg – An Egg Pinhole Camera.

Francesco shared his photos in the MAKE Flickr pool and posted full instructions on how to create your own, but because of the fragility of the camera body, it’s not an easy process. In order to create four good photographs, Francesco destroyed fifty eggs.

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