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Craftster user, DuctTapeRockStar, created this awesome prom dress from almost four thousand soda pop tabs and 400 yards of ribbon. I love that she also created a cool tab boutonniere for her date. [via Geek Crafts]

30 thoughts on “Soda Pop Tab Prom Dress

  1. I am so impressed with that dress- and the teen who spent the time to put it together! Not only is it creative, but it is so much more original then anything sold in stores. I wore a plastic dress to my prom but it pales in comparison to this dress. Great Job!

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  5. Wow! I love pink and the dress is to die for! It is well crafted and unique! embellishments are not needed anymore. looks classy for every prom girl. Is this for sale? Do you have details on how to do these pretty craft? thanks also I adore styles of Katherine Tanswell of Walk in Wardrobe you can check them out Don’t miss out!

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