Crochet Space Shuttle

Sure, today folks are celebrating the royal wedding, but my thoughts have been more focused on today’s potential shuttle launch. Targeted for a 3:47 PM EST launch, the space shuttle Endeavour will make it’s final journey in to orbit in the next-to-last shuttle flight ever. You can read more about the mission and follow the NASA Tweetup in progress to get a special look at this historic event. Now, enjoy some of our favorite space crafts we’ve shared here on Craft to get you in the space-y spirit!
Needle Felted Hubble Space Telescope
Needle Felted Space Shuttle

AXM Paper Space Scale Models

Space Shuttle Birthday Cake

Crochet Saturn V Rocket
Slice of Jupiter Scarf

Laura Cesari’s Astronomy Necklaces

Cross-Stitch Solar System Coasters
And some of my own space stitchery:

Hubble-Inspired Cross Stitch

Etsy and NASA Space Craft Contest Winners

8 thoughts on “Celebrate Today’s Shuttle Launch With Space Crafts

  1. Thanks, Susan! But, drat – the launch was just scrubbed for at least 48 hours, likely longer. At least we have rad space crafts to keep us happy until Endeavour is ready to fly! :)

  2. oh darn! I hadn’t seen the weather updates, just all the cool lead-up stuff earlier yesterday. Looking forward to the rescheduled launch! Are you working on something fun and space-related to pass the time til then??

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