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Meet the Teagueduino

If the Arduino wasn’t friendly enough, along comes the Teagueduino from the folks at Teague Labs. Breadboards too confusing? Code have you cross-eyed? Ready-to-go plug-in components and a realtime editor give beginners the training wheels they need to get experimenting right away, while minimizing the fear of breaking something along the way. [Thanks, Adam!]

Teagueduino comes from a long line of hacks and experiments within our design studio and across the open source Arduino/Freeduino community (particularly inspiring were LittleBits and the Grove System). While the more engineering-minded among us have been quick to dive into Arduino, it has become increasingly clear that Arduino is still too technical and daunting for the majority of other creative types just getting started. Teagueduino is our first major step toward an embedded development stepping-stone that makes building projects simple, while exposing key details (such as code syntax, electrical signal values, and physical hardware integration) that provide a scaffolding for learning more advanced systems and tools.

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  1. And I still hate soldering.  I’ve read a dozen tutorials and practiced over and over, but I still find it a frustrating experience.  It makes no sense to me to use a relatively large and bulky tool make the fine point connections needed on a typical circuit board.  I say it’s time to design a better tool for the task.  I just wish had the skill so I could do it myself. :(

  2. We held a Teagueduino workshop a few days ago and got a lot of great input on what seems to be working well and what needs some more tuning.  There’s new boards, a new UI, and a focus on building things with a community.

    We’ll be holding another workshop next Monday, so if you’re in Seattle and want to join let us know!

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