Our friends at FORA.tv, who do such a wonderful job of covering the talks at Maker Faire, have released the videos of Mike Rowe and Adam Savage’s presentations. Next week, they’ll be releasing the Center Stage talks as well (which included talks by Massimo Banzi, David Brin, and Chris Anderson). If you were at the Faire and didn’t make it to hear these speakers, or not at the Faire at all, this is a great way to catch these presentations. I missed both Mike Rowe’s and Adam’s talks. I’m later in posting this than I’d planned because I got sucked into watching them. I especially love Adam’s heartfelt presentation on inspiration. Talking about and quoting Emerson, Rilke, Jarry, Lewis Hyde — who knew Adam Savage was such a deep dude?

The above videos are comical snippets. You can see the full presentations of both talks here:

Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe Chats with Makers at Maker Faire
Get Inspired with MythBuster Adam Savage at Maker Faire