Paper Crafts

Last year, I posted about Jordan Ferney’s awesome birthday postcard/poster project. She’s back with a beautiful, downloadable version that you can use to create your own fun birthday surprise for someone.

You download the pdf … made up of 25 different pages that each have a part of the poster or “piece of the puzzle” on it. Then you email each page to a different person like their family and friends and assorted lovers. Then each person prints it out on cardstock, cuts it out, writes a note on the postcard, and stamps and mails it to the birthday person. The birthday person will get love notes and birthday wishes for a week or two from everyone they know as the postcards trickle in with the daily mail!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Postcards/Poster Project

  1. I’m preparing a big birthday card for my son to send for his birthday next month. I’ve stuck together 4 sheets of A4 card to make it bigger but am now wondering what’s the best way of getting it to them..postcards printing

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