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Large Rocker Switch Array Says “Hello World”

Hello World Rocker Switch Art
I sure hope Valentin Ruhry took advantage of his electronic component distributor’s volume discount to create Hello World, a site-specific installation made of 4,750 (by my calculation) illuminating rocker switches. The piece is currently on display as part of an exhibition called Fünf Räume at The Austrian Cultural Forum in New York City until September 5th. [via Triangulation]

8 thoughts on “Large Rocker Switch Array Says “Hello World”

  1. would be cool if they allowed people to flip the switches in there own shapes and then record the chances over time somehow.

  2. As a supply chain manager for a contract electronics manufacture we often will have large surpluses of parts due to engineering changes, failed companies etc. We try to sell to brokers and companies like but sometimes we just end up giving it away or last resort land fill.  So I’m guessing the artist found a good source of surplus 

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