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How-To:  Plush Facehugger Buddy

From Instructables user Kaisei13, who writes:

My daughter is obsessed with the AvP game. She has beat it at least 20 times and loves to run around the house hissing and trying to run up walls like a Xenomorph. So for her 8th birthday I made her a plush Alien, and that lead to the idea for a facehugger pillow pet. But to make it a little more unique I added a egg shaped sleeping bag that could be rolled up and put in the tail.

ThinkGeek has been selling a facehugger plush toy for awhile, but it doesn’t look like it would make a very good pillow. Nor, certainly, does it have a Xenomorph-egg pattern sleeping bag rolled up in the tail. And, most importantly, it wasn’t made with love. At least not this much.


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