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Death Star Dress from CRAFT

Rachel Hobson posted this amazing dress on CRAFT. I think the TIE Interceptor “bow” and starry stockings really help sell it.

Our pal Bonnie Burton has an interview with crafter and Star Wars superfan, Jennifer Landa, over on about her rad Death Star dress she made and wore to Comi-Con.

There were times when I thought the skirt wouldn’t work. Originally, I tried making the skirt out of a giant soccer ball pinata! That was a disaster because the actual structure of the pinata wasn’t perfectly round. I couldn’t find a balloon large enough so I ended up using a beach ball instead. Another challenge was actually getting into the skirt! You can’t sew a zipper onto papier mache! In the end, I cut slits on the back and sides and then used black ribbon to tie it together. It wasn’t a perfect solution but it worked temporarily and the skirt is still in tact! Thank goodness!

Read about what she used to form the skirt and how she pulled the entire outfit together over on


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