Over on Retro Renovation, Pam shares the story of an amazing time capsule home in New Jersey “with original interiors, still in place, by the renowned and super important midcentury interior designer William Pahlmann.” The house is for sale, and the Realtor shares information about its spectacular history:

Built by the owners in 1962 and decorated by Wiliam Pahlmann, a Manhattan decorator w/a newspaper column in the ’60s. The house is exactly as decorated when new… It looks as if it was done yesterday! The jelly beans in the bowls in the living room are color-coordinated to the “summer” slip covers and they will change with the season!

I’ve been swooning over the pictures all weekend long. If you have any interest in or appreciation for mid-century design and decor, you must check it out. And if you happen to have 1.4 million dollars, you can make the home yours.