Syfy’s Alphas “Catch and Release” – Has A Maker

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Syfy’s Alphas “Catch and Release” – has a maker!

The team is ordered to find and protect Skylar (Summer Glau), an Alpha with the skill to build almost anything that could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Gary’s mom, after the events of the last episode, tries to keep Gary out of the Alpha’s office. Skylar turns out to be being chased by NSA for sending encrypted messages to someone called “Z”. It turns out that Z, short for Zoe, is Skylar’s five year old daughter who created a method of super encryption, enabling Skylar and Zoe to communicate safely. The Alphas let Skylar and her daughter go to live in Canada in peace in exchange for the tracking system which rosen then destroys in order to protect the alphas from his superiors who might want to use their powers for alterior motives; Gary confronts his mother telling her he won’t leave the team. 

Some silly stereotypes in the episode, but a fun watch and the maker, she is the hero engineer :)


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