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The amazing Vi Hart (daughter of our Math Monday columnist George Hart) strikes again with this over 12 minute video explaining the math, science, and art behind sound. In many of Vi’s videos, she talks really fast, and it’s a style that works for her, but for something this info-dense, with lots of visual aids, it’s worth going through a few times to absorb everything. She’s always entertaining enough to make it worth your while; her illustrations are wonderful and her seemingly effortless creativity is truly inspiring.

As a bonus track, here’s Vi singin’ those “Low-Frequency Blues.” Sing it, sister!


12 thoughts on “Vi Hart on “What is Up with Noises?”

  1. Truly impressive. Should be required viewing for all beginning physics classes. The best explaination I’ve seen as to how your ear recognizes sound and identifies a particular instrument or voice in the midst of a noisy background.

  2. Brilliant!  4 weeks of a neurobiology of music seminar in 12 minutes! The only thing I would change is it’s basilar, not vasilar, from the root common to “base.” It’s the membrane where the sensory receptor cells are anchored, so it serves as the base of the whole cochlear apparatus. I love your work Vi!

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