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I’m all about freedom and personal expression, but as much as I wish it weren’t true- it’s easier to be taken seriously when dressed in a suit. The principle applies to public speaking, job interviews, and even at social events, like weddings. The way we dress reflects how we want to be perceived- and a suit helps establish the wearer as someone who wants to take care of business. When I wear my Pearl Jam t-shirt from 1993, I’m telling everyone how much I love Eddie Vedder. When I wear a blazer and a skirt with heels, I’m telling the world that I’m filled with purpose, and that I know what I’m talking about.
This weekend, the Proper Business Attire Working Group set out to level the playing field at OWS. They outfitted the public in suits- complete with custom tailoring and haircuts. They used hula hoops with curtains as private temporary changing rooms, had sewing machines at the ready, and documented the whole process. In the midst of a crowded park, they transformed more than 120 people to reflect the seriousness of their message.
Our very own Becky Stern volunteered her time to help tailor and Max Cohn documented the entire process.

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