micRo-cnc kit

Despite all of the well-documented, homebuilt CNCs out there, I couldn’t get the momentum to build one, so I decided to start with a kit. The micRo looks great (in a NASA sort of way), and with a working area of about 12″×10″×4″, it’s big enough to be useful to the hobbyist, small enough to be stowed under a workbench, and stout enough to cut aluminum and hard plastic. The only things I had to procure were the wiring and enclosure for the driver boards and an old PC, and the basic assembly offered almost no opportunities for mistakes. Documentation resides at, and the companion forums are quite active. I’ve got some CAD learning to do before I can start making my own robot parts, but tinkering with this desktop CNC feels good, and I’m really glad I started with a kit.

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