This week’s MAKE Flickr pool roundup is full of great Halloween memories. Our featured image, recalling Wednesday’s Cardboard Clone Trooper, is an equally-impressive cardboard Master Chief costume from user jek in the box. For sheer comedy value, my personal fave is user Unconverted’s QR code costume, lowermost, followed in close second by hine’s costume squid hat.  And, somehow, to me, Chris Connors’ untitled skull-scrubbing shot sums up the maker Halloween experience quite nicely.

child’s cardboard halo costume from jek in the box.

My Squid Costume (hat) for Halloween

My Squid Costume (hat) for Halloween from hine.


[Untitled] from connors934.


platonicpumpkins from corypoole.

Spider 3

Spider 3 from Mad Thinker.

KW ARF Helmet

KW ARF Helmet from Tsabo Tsaboc.


Working QR Code Costume from Unconverted.