Bike Motor Kit

I was reading Boing Boing one day and saw a link to this bicycle motor kit, consisting of a 66cc two-cycle engine, drive mechanism, gas tank, muffler, and controls.

The ad brought back kid-time memories for me, as I had dreamed of one day owning a Whizzer, the classic motorized bicycle. It was the only vehicle you could purchase new during World War II. Now I could make one!

The kit arrived from China in three weeks. I opened the box to find that every nut, bolt, washer, and other sundry parts were not packed in tidy little plastic bags but were loose and had obviously rolled around in the box during its journey to me. I had no idea if parts were missing, as there was no assembly manual either.

I went online and found an assembly manual PDF and an assembly video at Gas Bike ( (They also sell a variety of bike motor kits.) Then I picked up a cheap used mountain bike.

Now for the coup de grace — the engine and control mounting! Actually, the process went quite well. The kit uses a chain-driven sprocket that clamps to the rear wheel’s spokes. I found I was missing a part and readily located a replacement at a scooter shop.

Since the now-motorized bike has no starter, I had to get on, aim it downhill, let out the clutch, and hope it started. It did! A nice pop-pop-pop noise like a baby Harley came from the muffler. I turned it uphill and was amazed at the torque that came from that tiny engine.

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  1. I too was inspired by childhood feeling to make a motorized bike. My neighbor had on and we weren’t on good terms so I never got to ride it. I stumbled on the kit one day from youtube and quickly bought one myself. Also if your interested I wrote a detailed description of how to assemble the motorized bike kit

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