When I was looking for the video montage of “I’m not here to make friends” for my last post, I stumbled on this amazing post from our pal, Jenny Ryan, over on xoJane. Jenny shared the amazing work of fellow Los Angeles Modern Quilt Guild member, Alissa Rowinsky-Wright.

My socks are regularly knocked off my the work people bring in to these meetings. One guild member in particular, Alissa Rowinsky-Wright, also made me laugh my head off when she unveiled a project she has embarked on called the “I’m Not Here to Make Friends” series, an exploration of reality show “villains” as interpreted in thread-and-fabric.

She’s captured favorite villains from Survivor and Top Chef, and has more in the works (including Gretchen from Project Runway!). Read more about Alissa’s project from Jenny over on xoJane.