MakeIt Labs in New Hampshire Shut Down For Code Violations

Nashua’s hackerspace MakeIt Labs opened last July but found its doors closed months later when city inspectors shut it down for code and permit violations like wiring issues, the failure to provide a handicapped-accessible toilet, and so on. Board member Adam Shrey described the situation in a blog post:

[T]he city of Nashua paid us a visit and is forcing us to stop operations until we have worked out several occupancy related issues. We’re working with the city and hope to resolve things soon and reopen. The city has said they like the idea of what we do. They’re just doing their job and we’re anxious to bring our facility up to a level of their satisfaction.

Several dedicated members have already pitched in to help and we’re making good progress. As things arise that we need help with we’ll let you know. In the meantime, we won’t be charging anyone dues since they can’t use the space.

It sounds like MakeIt Labs has a plan for addressing all of the city’s concerns, but money is a concern due to the lack of dues. If you want to help them in their time of trouble, you can donate via PayPal (link at the bottom of the post). Also, they are Space Federation members and you can make tax-deductible donations to the hackerspace through the federation, but at the time of this posting I don’t have a link to do so. I’ll update when I do!

Finally, kudos to reporter Dave Brooks of the Nashua Telegraph for extensively covering MakeIt Labs and sharing the maker/hackerspace scene with his readers, and for cluing us in about what’s going over there.


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