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DIY Assassin’s Creed Arm Blade Prop

Prop building is ingrained in Maker culture. Motion picture special effects, steampunk finery, live action role playing games, cosplay, historical reenactments, and the theater all rely on props to help tell the story. For the enthusiast, building a prop is a great way to channel enthusiasm for a particular subject and expand the user experience. The research and attention to detail poured into some prop building projects can even surpass the original inspiration. That’s what I think of when I mention Angelegend’s DIY Assassin’s Creed Arm Blade prop. It’s easy to focus on the lethality of it, but I think that’s missing the point. Bringing something from a virtual world into reality and doing a great job on the details makes for good art. [via Technabob]

36 thoughts on “DIY Assassin’s Creed Arm Blade Prop

  1. I really hope your not living in the United States. Any spring loaded knife will land you in jail. Seriously they are way illigal.

      1. I’m not sure what ‘way’ means there, but in my PA, at least, it is illegal to have a knife that opens mechanically (which covers spring loaded) unless you only have use of one hand (as in physically impared, not as in “I’m holding a sandwich in my left hand”). It seems to be legislation to curb gang violence a la ‘rebel without a cause’ and ‘west side story’. Sad, really, as they’ve got some neat inner workings.

      2. It means he doesn’t really know the law at all but wants to piss in someone’s cornflakes. Legality of automatic knives differs from state to state.

        I’d have a bigger concern that this would be considered a concealed deadly weapon in most places, and would require a permit to carry, and would probably add a level to any misdemeanor or felony you pulled while wearing it.

        Apart from that it looks like a far greater danger to the wearer that anyone else, but that’s not the point, is it?

    1. Well, specifically, a ballistic knife is illegal to own with intent to sell in interstate commerce. There are many ‘spring-loaded’ knives for purchase these days…anything that opens automatically would have to have a spring. Individual states have their own rules about manufacture and sale.

      The rule of thumb is, an individual is allowed (by law) to make almost any weapon in the United States, so long as they do not transfer it or sell it (and they must register the firearms as well)

      The cruel irony here is…one can legally sell explosively-propelled ballistic knives, just not spring-propelled.

    1. you cant spear your hand on it cause in order to release the blade you have to move ur hand out of the way wen ur pullin the string

    1. Seems to me like you didn’t read the post, Shannon. If you had, then you’d know that it is indeed a “good “MAKE” item to post”. I go to lengths to explain why I think it is in the post itself. Perhaps I am mistaken and you have read it. If this is the case, please elaborate on why you think this is “not a good “MAKE” item to post”. I’m pretty sure why I think it is and have written as such, I’m curious why you think it isn’t.

      To answer your question: I do. I screen my own posts just as I screen my comments. We’re pretty DIY around here, if you haven’t picked up on that. We also take censorship very seriously. I’ll try not to take offense at your comment (best to stay open, I say!) and perhaps we can both learn something from the exchange. –Adam

  2. Very clean design. I enjoyed it. I’ll be making my own, and designing it to look like the actual weapon. Time will tell if I can produce the blueprints that I have. Your page is bookmarked, so if I do ever produce it I will make sure to cite your video in mine when I give credit to where I took design inspirations from.

    1. Of course I’ve looked at lots of designs. Yours is one of them that I’m taking inspiration from though. Ignore the nay-sayers! We make these things because we can, dammit! Me, I’m making mine as a costume prop. I have no need for the actual weapon for harmful purposes, but it would be a nice touch as a cherry on top for a legit costume ^=^

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