[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKakpY2oZqI?rel=0&w=600&h=335]

Prop building is ingrained in Maker culture. Motion picture special effects, steampunk finery, live action role playing games, cosplay, historical reenactments, and the theater all rely on props to help tell the story. For the enthusiast, building a prop is a great way to channel enthusiasm for a particular subject and expand the user experience. The research and attention to detail poured into some prop building projects can even surpass the original inspiration. That’s what I think of when I mention Angelegend’s DIY Assassin’s Creed Arm Blade prop. It’s easy to focus on the lethality of it, but I think that’s missing the point. Bringing something from a virtual world into reality and doing a great job on the details makes for good art. [via Technabob]