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Photos from the Young Makers Program at the Exploratorium

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I had the great pleasure this last Saturday of attending the Young Makers program at the Exploratorium. The theme of the month was Time… and what a great time we had. You can watch a webcast of the Meet the Makers portion of the day here.

Here Are Some Highlights:

  1. David Forbes – Nixie Watch

    “The perfect way to show your retro-geek cred”/Atomic Nixie Clock /Oscilloscope Clocks (plus he’ll show his video coat-turned-video-vest – things went a little haywire at Burning Man)

  2. Nicole Catrett

    One of my favorite activities was the Stroboscope that has found a permanent home on the floor of the Exploratorium. If you have wanted your own, you can find the details in MAKE magazine Volume 24

  3. Messing about with Numeric Displays

    A table was set up with all the pins of a giant seven segment display. With jumper wires, kids (and kids at heart) could turn on all the segments and learn how the display worked. I saw kids trying to spell letters and even put a few together for small words.

The next event is Saturday, March 17, 2012 and will feature Tools. Bring your friends, bring your families, have a blast with your kids.

The highlight of the day for me was watching my son watch the Android zoetrope spin round and round. He just squealed with delight at the animated characters. What is your favorite memory of the Exploratorium?

Open MAKE is a collaboration between the Exploratorium, MAKE magazine, and Pixar Animation Studios. If you’re a fan of Maker Faire, you won’t want to miss these tasty tasty samples of Maker Faire organized by our friends at the Exploratorium. The event is included in the price of the museum’s general admission and open to everyone.

10 thoughts on “Photos from the Young Makers Program at the Exploratorium

  1. I hated not going!!! But I was not going to brave traffic into the city with the bridge closed. It looks like it was fun!

  2. zomg! that zoetrope *is* mesmerizing — no wonder rush couldn’t stop looking at it! looks like an awesome time — thanks for sharing, jake!

  3. It was a GREAT Open Make! My kids and I loved all of the hands-on workshops and presentations. There was no traffic, amazingly. My favorite part.. must say was meeting Steve Wozniak!

    Thank you Karen, Dale, Michelle and everyone who made it happen!

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