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Environmental Monitoring With Arduino goes to the Gowanus Canal

Emily Gertz and Patrick Di Justo, authors of Environmental Monitoring With Arduino (available from Maker Shed and O’Reilly), wrote it to let me know that the book got used as a textbook in the recent NYC Water Hackathon. They’ve got the pictures to prove it, too!

Brooklyn, NY, March 25 — Patrick and I went to the Gowanus Canal to observe the testing of prototype water monitoring devices created at the weekend Water Hackathon. The Gowanus is one of Brooklyn’s more notorious Superfund sites.

We were excited to see that the device being developed by Leif Percifield and the citizen sensor group Don’t Flush Me is based on the water conductivity gadget we devised for Environmental Monitoring With Arduino.

We designed our gadget to test water samples in a controlled setting, such as sitting at your desk with the samples in flasks. They’ve adapted our water probe with little spade terminals, to be more durable in the field. Brilliant!

Slideshow: “Environmental Monitoring With Arduino” goes to the Gowanus Canal!

8 thoughts on “Environmental Monitoring With Arduino goes to the Gowanus Canal

  1. I’m not surprised. I’ve met both. The Internet of Things:NYC group has been discussing that problem for so long it is starting to develop mounting points. What is relevant now is that the Feds have suddenly realized that a formerly picturesque canal needs federally sponsored cleaning.

    However finding the right company to blame will be interesting as Brooklyn Union Gas no longer exists…….

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