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DIY Project Glass-like Augmented Reality

It may be some time before we start to see mainstream adoption of Project Glass-like augmented reality, but in the meantime, that’s not stoping folks like AR hacker Will Powell from rolling their own solution from off the shelf components. Check out this demo Powell put together using a Vuzix HUD, microphone headset, a couple of webcams, and Dragon Naturally Speaking. He built his own UI and was able to navigate common tasks in this supposedly undoctored video. [via Slashgear]

30 thoughts on “DIY Project Glass-like Augmented Reality

  1. He is actually late to the game, a lot of us were doing this back in 1997 when Professor Steve Mann up at the University of Toronto. He actually invented augmented reality and project Glass from google is simply built upon his work.

    I had a single eye HUD hooked to a PC104 386 motherboard stack that was mounted to my belt along with batteries to run 6 hours. I ran linux and had a custom X interface that was controlled by a handeykey chording keyboard and mouse arrangement.

    Back then you had to store and carry all your information, no wifi everywhere and cellular data was slower than a 56K modem. so I had 1 solid state disk that was a massive 20 megabytes in size and a spinning data disk.

    There were several cyborgs using these at MIT and UofT. Thad Starner of MIT worked with Steve Mann when he was going to MIT to invent all these technologies.

    Those two are the inventors and pioneers, not Google. google is simply making a streamlined version based off of their work.

    Just a little history that a lot of these news sites are failing to mention.

    1. Funny, I seem to remember the term “augmented reality” being coined prior to their work and the head mounted display being invented in all the way back in 1968. So I wouldn’t go calling others “late” to the game.

      They managed to give credit to Ivan Sutherland, Thomas Caudell, and others working on it for decades before them, so please don’t suggest they invented everything.

    2. There’s no way I’m suggesting Google invented squat; simply that Powell and others are taking a crack at an obviously Project Glass-like AR experience themselves. If you take a look around the interwebs, you might find that Powell is an experienced AR developer and that this experiment of his is strikingly similar to the Project Glass demo from last week (minus the fancy HMD and Gap models).

  2. Come on guys, it’s obviously fake ! Look, he says that’s direct view without modification but we can see that he wears the camera on the top of his head ! Sometimes commands are detected before the end of a sentence too.

    Okay, i love makers but please check your informations before posting :/

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