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The Beatty family is building a lovely enclosure that will hold the computer and motor control boards for a CNC, using acrylic and MicroRAX t-slot beams.

After trying a few different approaches, we decided to build the box from scratch out of 1/8″ acrylic sheet and Microrax, with are tiny, 10mm 80/20 aluminum beams. The enclosure is about 22″ long, 12″ wide, and 8″ deep. The beauty of Microrax is that we could easily cut the beams to the size we wanted and then use small machine screws and brackets to bolt them together. This allowed us to not only construct the overall enclosure, but to bracket the four cooling fans into place, frame the I/O ports, and add an acrylic lid with hinges. MicroRax is very flexible and cool stuff that I look forward to using for future projects, not only for enclosures, but robots as well.

8 thoughts on “Sweet CNC Build

  1. Very “cool” build (that’s a lot of fan power!). The Microrax and acrylic puts an incredibly professional finish on an awesome project. Very nice.

    My big question though is what is the dual head light on the camera you used to take the images of the project, as seen in the reflection of the lid? Could you please tell where you got it or how you made it?

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