Text-Enabled Espresso Machine Prints Your Phone Number on the Foam

[Video Link] Kelsey Klevenberg of the cloud texting service Zipwhip says:

We made the Textspresso machine to show off our cloud texting technology. It’s a robotic coffee machine. It utilized java script, 3 arduino microcontrollers, a couple servos, an ikea cupboard, and about 100 other pieces. We think it’s great. We’re open sourcing the plans in the coming weeks.

20 thoughts on “Text-Enabled Espresso Machine Prints Your Phone Number on the Foam

  1. hahah… clearly an elaborate joke/hoaxing: seattlites would not touch a non-human barrista’d robo espresso (with or without some adulterating ink atop it)

  2. Espresso in the morning: great.
    CEO driving a 300++g CO2/km car to work: not so cool.

    Welcome to the 21st century. There’s ten others of us using the bike just to “make up” your one commute.

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