DIY Coffee Can Radar

MIT student Timur Balbekov built this coffee can Doppler radar. Wanna build your own? MIT offers a free online guide telling you how. (Can anyone tell me what microcontroller Timur used?) [via Mr. Vacuum Tube]

14 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Can Radar

  1. Looks like a Cypress PSoC. The board is identical to the Cypress CY8CKIT-050 PSoC 5 Development Kit I am holding in my hand. It was offered as part of a Cypress contest a year or two ago. Nice hardware and super easy to program with the Cypress Creator IDE.

  2. It’s actually a Cypress PSoC 3 — this was made for a final project for MIT’s microcomputer project lab (6.115). As part of the final project, all code needs to be written in 8051 assembly (C51). The Cypress part is an interesting choice for this application since it offers mixed-signal capability (ADCs and op-amps) directly on the chip, so minimal external part count is required.

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