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How-To: Make a Chocolate Bowl Using a Balloon

Oh, heck yeah! [Spotted on Facebook]

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  1. Oh My GOD! I’m totally going to do that! I hope I can make it resistant enough to keep something in it! I could use it as a bowl on a plate to put strawberries in it! I know it will sound woman-like but: Kitchen, here I come!

  2. Since there doesn’t appear to be words.

    On step 6 you should carefully deflate the balloon not pop it. Popping could break the bowl. It looks like they taped the balloon to the bowl so if you poke it through the tape it shouldn’t pop.

    1. Hi Chartle….
      please it is not with MAKE — I only want to know, how you made your “Avatar”….
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    1. Looks like he put down waxed paper, then poured more melted chocolate. Then carefully set the chocobowl onto that and waited for it to set.

    1. My first thought too! So many people are allergic to latex. Make sure you tell your guests before they eat it! Rashes or worse on the inside of the body would be very bad.

        1. BH
          Good idea!! Besides, wouldn’t the hot chocolate pop/melt/’pit’ the balloon if cellophane or ‘waxed paper’ (for cooking) wasn’t wrapping/ covering the balloon before the hot melted chocolate was poured onto the balloon (‘before’ the actually pouring of the chocolate)?! Specially made Waxed Paper, that is used to line metal cookie trays, could wrap the balloon, too. One may purchase this item at most grocery stores &/or crafts’ specialty stores, like ‘Michaels’ ‘.

  3. What chocolate do you recommend for this? I would love to do this but I don’t know anything about melting chocolate.

  4. Temper your chocolate by melting it in the microwave, slowly, to 45C, then drop it to 27C, stirring to form usable crystals in the cocoa butter (this is done by working it on marble by professional chocolatiers, who look for the thickening as it cools, but that’s not absolutely necessary), before finally raising it to 31C to leave just those crystals which form a glossy, stable chocolate. These temperatures are fairly precise

  5. For a beginner, use street-quality chocolate, as it’s got a lot of cocoa butter in it (white chocolate is almost entirely cocoa butter and sugar). The reason chocolatiers use marble is because they use high cocoa content (ie low cocoa butter) which makes crystallisation a sensitive issue. But for a bowl which will hopefully be noshed inside of 24 hours, this will be fine. The reason for tempering the chocolate is that untempered chocolate will crumble, and lack sheen.

  6. I would do the exact same as above but cover the balloon in clingwrap to avoid the latex and other balloon issues.

    Can’t wait to try this!

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  7. I love that!! I would never have thought about using a balloon to make a chocolate bowl! This will be a good project for my niece and I! Thank you, Tara Lidell

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