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GPS-Based Puppy Pedometer

Becky Stern is up to some really cool stuff over at Adafruit. This GPS Dog Collar (as shown on her adorable dog, Olive) uses a a GPS sensor, OLED display, and Adafruit’s Atmega32u4 Breakout Board to track your pet’s progress towards a goal distance. Everything you need to know to make your own is beautifully organized in their new tutorial site, the Adafruit Learning System, which I really dig. Nice work on all fronts!

4 thoughts on “GPS-Based Puppy Pedometer

  1. Newman says:

    Nintendo had a “Dog” mode for their game Personal Trainer: Walking for the DS a few years ago. I got it and used one of the pods and put the other on my dog. Downloading the results to my DS was actually pretty interesting. Theirs was Accelerometer paced instead of GPS, but it worked pretty well.

  2. GPS를 장착한 애완견용 만보계 | Make: Korea says:

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