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MAKE Goes to Comic-Con

We’re excited to be covering Comic-Con this year for MAKE, as part of our “alt.” event coverage, where we look at these cons through a maker’s lens. I got here last night and things were already hopping. The scale of this event is staggering. I’ll be talking to some old friends and MAKE contributors, like Bonnie Burton (Star Wars craft books) and Holly Conrad (Crabcat Industries), to see what they’ve been up to, and rooting out the garage makers (kit builders, figure modders, prop builders, and of course, costume makers) in the midst of all of the Hollywood glitz that now adorns the event. From fringy comic book convention to an immense celebration of “the art of popular entertainment” (how the Comic-Con banners around San Diego describe it) — what a fascinating evolution. I’ll also be talking to Colin Turner, of the underground comic publisher Last Gasp, who’s been coming here every year since he was a child.

If there’s something (MAKE-related) you want me to investigate and cover, or you have any of your own thoughts and projects related to geek media, please send them to me (or share in comments below). And if you’re here, message me — I’d love to hook up and get your take on the event.


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  1. Read through the Comic Con posts, but didn’t really understand why they had “alt.” in the title. They sort of just seemed like they were from the same event I was at, so the title just left me a little confused.

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